Sunday, September 2, 2007

Spain - Requena

Bill likes to see small towns in our travels - Cheney, Washingtons of the world, if you will. We stayed for two nights in the town of Requena, which was holding a wine festival.

Requena´s historical center had the cutest plaza ever - very much what I thought a Spanish small town square should be:
The town orchestra had a concert in the bull fight ring. The enthusiastic audience, who I strongly suspect were all related to the musicians, yelled ¨ole¨ when they were especially moved:

It would not be a proper festival without a fair. This fair went on until at least 3am (that´s when we left and the fair was still going on). This is us at the fair having churros with melted chocolate for dipping:

You can win, among other things, a large ham:
The only downside of Requena was that we could never figure out when the cafes sold food. They closed for siesta from 1pm to 4pm. Then they reopened but only sold drinks until dinner time, which must have been from 8:16pm to 9:47pm. Then they resumed selling only drinks. We had to result to self-catering from the supermarket.

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